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The Music of Sam Falzone

A Family Sweet

This collection of instrumental stand-outs combines elements of standard jazz, up tempo latin rhythyms and just plain catchy melodys. The band is comprised of some of the best jazz musicians that Western New York has ever produced. Originally released on vinyl in 1988, the recordings were digitally re-mastered and the album was re-released on CD in 2001.


"A Family Sweet" CD


 A Family Sweet Song List
Sam's Blues Track #1
Fairy Tale Track #2
One for Michael  Track #3
Niki Track #4
My Baby Says She Loves Me  Track #5
Blue Horizon Track #6
You're Everything To Me  Track #7

A Family Sweet Youtube Playlist All Songs

 Sam Falzone  tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax, flute,  keyboards & compositions
 Jim Kurzdorfer    bass
 John Bacon, Jr.  drums & percussion
 Michael Royal  keyboards
 Stu Weissman  guitars
 Emil Lattimer  percussion
 Jeff Jarvis  trumpet, flugel horn
 Phil Sims  trombone
 Carol McLaughlin  alto sax, flute

A Note From Sam:

I have been writing various kinds of pieces since I met Don Ellis in Buffalo in 1965 (U.B. grad school) when he inspired me to write original material. Before then I had been teaching music in junior and senior high schools across the country, never thinking that I could write my own music. I have written a song for everyone in my family, including my cats. When I went to California to join Don and his orchestra I could write just about anything I wanted to, and the band was so hot they could sight read and make it sound great.

Since my father's death in 1970, I have wanted to make a collection of some of my songs as a tribute to him and to my family, which is composed of numerous Sagittarians. "It's in the Stars" is a poem I wrote for my father which started a whole series of pieces that became A Family Suite. The taste for sweets, also a family inclination, seems an appropriate title for this very personal first album.

My roots in Buffalo and the years with Don Ellis in California have given me the direction to write these songs which can be used as a vehicle for improvising.

This album is dedicated to my father and mother, Joseph and Frances Falzone.
Their love and understanding have kept me going all these years.

Special Thanks to my sisters Mary Yantomasi, Vivian Maier and Sue Fenger, who gave me all the love and support I need to accomplish this project. I thank Debra Stratton for helping me all along the way and keeping me together. I especially thank my children, Michael, Lori, D.J. and Niki, who have been an inspiration to me from their beginnings. Also, I want to thank my friend and co-worker, Tom Mayers for his positive attitude and energetic good nature throughout this project. My sincere gratitude is extended to Stan Lipsey, publisher of the Buffalo News and to the Albright Knox Art Gallery.

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