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Albums? You know I meant CD's.

The Music of This Song's For You

This Song's For You currently has twelve CD's to offer you, eleven of our own and one other. Our first CD release titled "No Regrets" debuted on CD Baby on September 13th 2004. We then helped our good friend and music colleague, Sam Falzone re-issue his CD titled "A Family Sweet" shortly there after. Sam has made several contributions to the No Regrets CD, one of which is a superb saxophone part on "Where Were You?" The third was the long awaited "Four Bucket Winter" CD has been released as of February 6, 2007. The fourth CD "In The Pink" (The Early Years) released Monday December 17, 2007. "Share the Blame" was released December 29th 2008. "Takin' In Strays" Released December 25th, 2010 just in time for another tax deduction. Number 7, just in time for the end of the Mayan Calendar and the Fiscal Cliff, was, "I Feel Surrounded" Released December 6th, 2012. Yes, once again we didn't disappoint with our Christmas release of "Live and Let Live", officially sent to CD Baby by Christmas of 2014.

"I ain't All That Bad" is due any day now.

(Click on each CD Cover to be taken to that page)

With Friends Like These CD Waves by This Song's For You
"With Friends Like These" CD "Waves" CD
Keep That Party Goin CD I Ain't All That Bad CD Cover
"Keep That Party Goin" CD "I Ain't All That Bad" CD
"Live and Let Live" CD "I Feel Surrounded" CD
Click here for "Takin' In Strays" Click here for "Share The Blame"
"Takin' In Strays" CD "Share the Blame" CD 
Click here for "In the Pink" Click here for "Four Bucket Winter"
"In The Pink" CD "Four Bucket Winter" CD
Click here for "No Regrets" Click here for "A Family Sweet"
The "No Regrets" CD "A Family Sweet" CD
All eleven of these fine collections of songs are available on CD Baby, and if you like you can purchase a copy of any of our CD's through the shopping cart at the bottom of the page. What the heck, buy 'em all. We won't mind.

All the individual songs from all our CD's are available via digital download through iTunes, MSN Music, AOL Music, Spotify, Rhapsody and several other sites. Our music has been downloaded world-wide and we continue to enjoy the success it brings.

All We ask is that if you choose to download individual songs from iTunes, please use the links below as we get a small commission on sales through those links.

Download Individual Songs on iTunes

 Live and Let Live

I Feel Surrounded 

TSFY on iTunes 

TSFY on iTunes 

 Takin' In Strays 

 Share The Blame

 A Family Sweet

 TSFY on iTunes

TSFY on iTunes

TSFY on iTunes

 No Regrets

 Four Bucket Winter

 In The Pink

TSFY on iTunes

 TSFY on iTunes

 TSFY on iTunes

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