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Tom Mayers & John Swanson

Tom Mayers and John Swanson have been friends and fellow musicians for more than 30 years, starting back in the '70s when John joined Tom's band on bass. The band Rotary Bed enjoyed considerable success as an "always-booked" Top-40 group in Western New York, particularly in Lockport and Olcott, and has continued to the present day as Jonesie and The Cruisers.

Tom and John kept in contact over the years, and became co-writer/producers/performers of original music. The friendships and collaborative efforts of all the fine people that have come together over the years, have endured the test of time.

The urge to produce original music and lyrics has been a driving force for Tom and John over the years, but its the fun, camaraderie, and sense of accomplishment that make it all worthwhile.


The Cast & Crew

Head Shotz

 Jack Civiletto

 Sterling Smalley


 Jack Civiletto

 Sterling Smalley

 Pat Schwab


 David DiBernardinis


 Rod Nickson

 David DiBernardinis

 John Swanson




 Thomas Mayers

 Chilly Billy Pavone

 Tom Ryan

 George Litz



 George Litz

April Mazzone 

 DeeAnn Tompkins




 Joe Territo (JT)

Rick Baker 

Ryan Nogle 




Kyle Wierzba 

 John Fournier

Gary Styn 




 Phil Bronschidle

 Ray Fournier

 Sam Falzone


 Nik Georgakis

 John Larson

 Nik Georgakis

Here is a list of who's been helping us out so far:

Phil Bronschidle: guitar
Jack Civeletto:  guitar, vocals, drums, composing 
Sterling Smalley:  guitar, bass, drums, percussion, vocals, composing, recording/mixing 
Dave DiBernardinis: guitar, vocals, percussion, composing
Sam Falzone:  saxophones, flute, clarinet, piccolo, percussion* 
John Fournier:  guitar, vocals, composing 
Ray Fournier: drums, percussion, vocals 
Nik Georgakis:   guitar 
Russel Hatcher: percussion 
John Larson:  drums 
Dan Litz:  guitar 
George Litz:  guitar, banjo, composing
Elaine Mayers:  idea & inspiration for "Losin' You"
Tom Mayers: vocals, keyboards, percussion, composing, recording/mixing 
Annie McKenna: cello
Mark Monaco: fiddle
Rod Nickson: vocals, bass, composing
Rick Nogle Jr.: beer tab percussion 
Ryan Nogle:  drums 
Tom Ryan:  drums
Pat Schwab: guitar, vocals, percussion, composing
Gary Styn: keyboards, composing
John Swanson: bass, vocals, percussion, composing
DeeAnn Tompkins: vocals, composing
April Mazzone:  vocals 
KyleWierzba: mixing, pro tools engineer 
Rick Baker:  drums 
Joe Territo:  guitar 
Bill Pavone webmaster, social media manager, IT/purchasing dept., percussion, voice-overs for ad work, motivational/political/religious speaker

This section will introduce you to everyone who contributes to the success of This Song's For You. We will provide pictures and perhaps a bio for each one as we compile them. This list represents a varied group of different styles of performers. Whoever is the best for the particular part, is the motto here. All egos are checked at the door. Many special friendships are a result of these efforts. We all enjoy each others music and we hope you will too.

.*The late Sam Falzone was more than just a good friend, he was an internationally acclaimed jazz saxophonist and he had just re-released his CD: "The Music of Sam Falzone- A Family Sweet"

We highly recommend that you give the free samplings of his songs a listen. They're good, and we're sure that you won't "regret" it. (sorry)

To listen to his songs and purchase CD's and Digital Downloads, click HERE

To learn more about Sam Falzone, Click HERE.

Thomas Mayers

A note from Tom:

Since before I was born, music was a positive constant in my life. My Mom played the piano often and she would gather her five kids around her to join in by singing or playing an instrument along with her. Its always been there when I needed something to make a certain moment complete for myself, or for someone else who might need that little spark, a message, or a comforting melody to make their situation complete.

To me, music is like a friend who's willing to help someone in need. It can fulfill the entertainer who practices his craft faithfully, or trigger feelings in the person who needs to escape for a moment, a reason to tap their toes, clap their hands, or sway to the beat with a smile on their face. It can also comfort the soul in times of sadness.

Music is a universally spoken language that all people can understand. Its different things to different people, with unlimited possibilities of style and substance, but one thing is certain, when its done right, its coming from the soul.

We've tried our best while still having fun, to bring songs from our souls so that others may share and enjoy.

John Swanson

A note from John:

As The Twig Is Bent

(so grows the tree) (A Cautionary Tale)

My first musical performance before an audience of any size, i.e. larger than a Thanksgiving Dinner at home, was in the third grade, at the tender age of eight years, for an assembly program. I clearly remember walking to the center of the stage, in front of that massive closed curtain, dragging a kid size chair in one hand and clutching my father’s Gibson baritone ukulele in the other. I proceeded to play and sing Home Home On The Range which has a total of three chords. Actually there are four chords if you count a G-7th which occurs once as a passing chord. Evidently I was suffering more stage fright than I remember now, but I totally forgot the G-7th as I played the song but, trouper that I was, I soldiered on and gave the impression that that was what I intended to do all along.

When I complained of my incompetence to my mother after the gig, she consoled me as all mothers would in such a situation by telling me that no one in the audience could tell the difference and she was sure that my mistake, such as it was, went un-noticed. I took her words to heart and have spent my entire professional career assuming that my mistakes all go un-noticed. If I make an extremely egregious error, I’ll be sure to repeat it the next time it comes around again so my audience can be reassured that I must have meant to play it that way.

So now, dear listener, I invite you to listen to our songs and decide for yourself if I really meant what you just heard.



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