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"But we sure had a good time
When we started way back when"
     Excerpt From "Photographs and Memories"             
            By Jim Croce

This Song's For You Photo Gallery

Our Eclectic Compendium of Photo's Page 1
 It's all about the Studio and what goes on there.  

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 Thomas Ralph Mayers

 Johnny (Grammar Grinder) Swanson


 We are just kidding...we don't drink Scotch Whiskey at the Studio....




 John & Tom's Measuring Pose

 The Wonder Years





 Sam Falzone

 George Litz





 Dave "Doodle" DiBernardinis

Hammy & Fritz


 Ray Fournier - AKA Roid - Doesn't Eat Tops Pretzels


 Pat Schwab

 Rod Nickson


 Dave Doodle, Sam Falzone, Pat Schwab, John Swanson


 Litz & Styn

 Julius Cedar (Bob Fuqua)




 Nik Georgakis

 Chilly Billy Pavone


 Ryan Nogle

 Tommy Before The Flag Was Repo'ed


 Doodle, Johnny, Sammy, Patrick


 Billy Simson & Danny Schenk

 Pictures Page 2, Click Here
Pictures Page 3, Click Here

Yadda Yadda Yadda

Things Overheard in the Studio Part II:

 - Good enough is good enough for me - And they wonder why we drink -
- How come I can't hear myself? - No more coffee for you Maury -
- We're gonna have a ball in Bosnia - Chilly Billy's on his way -

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