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"I'll pay you tomorrow, you won't be sorry
I don't like to borrow, I just do the best I can"
     Excerpt From "I'll Pay You Tomorrow"             
            4 Bucket Winter CD

This Song's For You Photo Gallery

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 Tommy "Keys"

Jim Gugino - The OV Stare Part Two




 Sammy, Doodle, & Pat

Pink Panther


 Rolled Gold Roid - He's Not Just a Pretzel & Beer Consumer!


 Rick Baker - Ginger's Brother


Chilli "Vanilli" Billi & Dave "D" (of The New Christie Doodlers)






 Amherst Hearing Center

 Rest in Peace Connie


 Joe Territo

 Styn & Phil B. - Brusha, Brusha, Brusha!


 John, George, & Chilly


 Bill Pavone Not Smiling

 Pictures Page 1, Click Here
Pictures Page 3, Click Here

Yadda Yadda Yadda

Things Overheard in the Studio Part III:

- It was late, we were drinking - You got any Rolled Golds & Weber's? -
- We should always keep a tape rolling - The bucket's frozen -
- Some holes are better left unfilled - I'd like a nice monkey -
- Don't mind me, I was just Doodlin' -

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