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FREE SONG OF THE WEEK! by This Song's For You



We Are On Hiatus For The Summer

Welcome to the newest feature from the good folks at This Song’s For You - the amazing non-profit music production company (the non-profit status is unintentional, by the way).

Please bookmark this page and look for new Free Songs of the Week in September!

See You In September

Featured Artists on This Song:

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Different song every Monday. On Twitter use Hashtag #MusicMondays

We're on Twitter! twitter.com/ThisSongsForYou

Thanks! Tom & John

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Share The Blame

"Share The Blame" CD

Thank you for your patience!

Free Music

The Song of the Week!


FREE DOWNLOAD! ( right mouse click on link - save as )

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All seven of these CD's are available on CD Baby, and if you like you can purchase a copy of any of our CD's or individual songs through the shopping cart at the bottom of the page. What the heck, buy 'em all. We won't mind.

All the individual songs from all our CD's are available via digital download through CD Baby, iTunes, MSN Music, AOL Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, Muve Music and several other sites. Our music has been downloaded world-wide and we continue to enjoy the success it brings.

All We ask is that if you choose to download individual songs from iTunes, please use the links below as we get a small commission on sales through those links.

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 I Feel Surrounded

TSFY on iTunes

 Takin' In Strays 

 Share The Blame

 A Family Sweet

 TSFY on iTunes

TSFY on iTunes

TSFY on iTunes

 No Regrets

 Four Bucket Winter

 In The Pink

TSFY on iTunes

 TSFY on iTunes

 TSFY on iTunes

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