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Wedding & Love Song's


This Song's For You can take one of our traditional love songs and customize it with your names to give you that special keepsake you can enjoy for years to come.

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"So Kiss Me Now"
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Custom Wedding & Love Songs

For several years we have been producing custom Wedding songs. These songs become treasures of your special day - especially if they were played at your reception. We have several songs from which you can choose to have personalized or perhaps leave it generic. The choice is yours. For special anniversaries and those of you wishing to have your vows renewed these songs are equally suited as well. All of these songs offer outstanding rhythms and vocals in several styles. Samples of the songs can be heard using the link below.

The Perfect Wedding Gift

Weddings can be the source of the most memorable moments of our lives and the cameras really come out when the happy couple takes to the (dance) floor for that first dance.

With that in mind the ensemble of musicians at This Song's For You wrote and recorded several unique songs directly addressing the overwhelming importance of the wedding day. Different perspectives and musical styles are incorporated into these songs and we invite you now to take a moment to listen to these compositions and see which song appeals most directly to your own situation. Any of these songs will be available soon for purchasing as a single download at most of the popular music sites such as iTunes, etc.

But Don't Stop There!

If you're looking for an absolutely unique gift idea for your son or daughter, sister or brother, nephew or niece or even your best friend -

These songs can be personalized to include the names of the bride and groom in the body of the song. In each case, the original vocalist will return to the studio maintained by T.S.F.Y. and, using advanced digital technology, seemlessly blend the names into the song. Click the link below to hear real life examples of this exiting idea.

Stay Tuned - This Feature Will Be Live Shortly - Thanks For Your Patience

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