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The Music of This Song's For You

Four Bucket Winter

Four Bucket Winter is an eclectic collection of different styles sure to please everyone from Blues to Jazz, & Rock to Country. It features a slow dance number called "As Time Goes By" highlighted by smooth sax and brushes.

This album features what we think is our best effort to date. Three outstanding numbers entitled "Waitin' On You," "Were Only Humans," and "I'll Pay You Tomorrow" plus a ballad called "As Time Goes By" lead the way on "4 Bucket Winter." Pat Schwab's "Song For The Vet" is a tribute song to honor all of our War Veterans. Dave "Doodle" DiBernardinis touches all with his song (Learn To) "Live With The Pain."

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"Four Bucket Winter" CD


Four Bucket Winter Song List
Track #1

Song For The Vet

Track #2

Waitin' On You

Track #3

Live With Pain 

Track #4

Father's Song

Track #5

Liquor & Poker 

Track #6

When You're Lonely

Track #7

It's a Matter of Spine 

Track #8

Larry Likes to Fish

Track #9

Imaginary Letter

Track #10

I'll Pay You Tomorrow

Track #11 

I'll Be Around

Track #12

'Til The Cows Come Home

Track #13

As Time Goes By

Track #14

We're Only Humans

This Song's For You would like to thank all the great musicians who gave up their time to help us out again. Mr. Sam Falzone for his continued contributions to our songs and he is featured on his own tribute to his Dad called "Father's Song" and his parts on "As Time Goes By," and on "I'll Be Around." Tom Ryan, of Weekend and Soul Providers, for his brush work on "As Time Goes By." Annie McKenna for her Cello on "When You're Lonely." George Litz and Phil Bronschidle for their exceptional guitar parts. Joe Territo for Rythm Guitar on "I'll Pay You Tomorrow." John Larson and Ray Fournier for their fab drum parts. Rod Nickson, Pat Schwab, Dave DiBernardinis, Gary Styn, Russel Hatcher, kudos to all of you. Well Done!

Contributing Musicians

Phil Bronschidle: guitar
Dave DiBernardinis: guitar, vocals
Sam Falzone: saxophone, flute, clarinet, percussion
Ray Fournier: drums, percussion, vocals
Russel Hatcher: percussion
John Larson: drums
George Litz: guitar, banjo
Tom Mayers: vocals, keyboards, percussion
Annie McKenna: cello
Rod Nickson: vocals
Pat Schwab: guitar, vocals, percussion
Gary Styn: keyboards, vocals, percussion
John Swanson: bass, guitar, vocals, percussion
Tom Ryan: drums
Joe Territo: guitar

Bill Pavone: webmaster, purchasing, IT, CD stuffer/shrinkwrapper 

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