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The Music of This Song's For You

Live and Let Live

Live and Let Live is our 8th CD produced by This Song’s For You. As always, it features a WIDE variety of styles and sounds, with great melodies and lyrics.

Once again, the hard working crew at T.S.F.Y. has delivered, on schedule, a C.D. of great songs in a wide variety of styles, and, just in time for Christmas 2014!! (Official Release Date 12/27/2014)

For this CD compilation, we've "Taken In Another Stray" - Jack Civiletto. Seriously though, we are proud to be releasing this album with contributions of all our talented friends. Without them all, these accomplisments wouldn't be possible.

Tom's nephew created the artork for Live and Let Live. It is an abstract painting he came up with while listening to the beta recordings of this CD. Anyhow - we hope that everyone enjoys listening to our latest effort. As always, it takes many, many, many, many hours of dedication and sacrifice (with Natty Ice, responsible sips of Jack Daniels, Malbec and Zinfindel), but it was worth every pretzel and peanut eating minute of it!

Remember our sacrifices while you listen to these songs - We laugh and have fun making them, so you don't have to!

Live and Let Live" CD


Share the Blame Song List
Live and Let Live Track #1
Your Love  

 Track #2

He Never Said He Loved You Track #3
Scramble On Track #4
Hey, How Ya Doin'  Track #5
Incidentally Baby Track #6
I Read My Phone  Track #7
Hazel Track #8
Anxiety Track #9
I Really Want to Know Track #10
Making a Killing Track #11
Don't Worry 'bout Nothin'

Track #12

Live and Let Live Youtube Playlist All Songs

Contributing Musicians

JACK CIVILETTO – Guitar, Vocals, Drums
RAY FOURNIER – Harmonies, Drums, Percussion
PAT SCHWAB – Guitar, Vocals
SAM FALZONE – Sax, Flute, Clarinet
TOM MAYERS – Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion
CHILLY BILLY PAVONE – Hand Claps, Vocals
APRIL MAZZONE – Vocal Harmonies
JOHN SWANSON – Vocals, Bass, Percussion

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All the individual songs from all our CD's are available via digital download through iTunes, MSN Music, AOL Music, Spotify, Rhapsody and several other sites. Our music has been downloaded world-wide and we continue to enjoy the success it brings.

All We ask is that if you choose to download individual songs from iTunes, please use the links below as we get a small commission on sales through those links.

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 Live and Let Live

I Feel Surrounded 

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TSFY on iTunes 

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 Share The Blame

 A Family Sweet

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 No Regrets

 Four Bucket Winter

 In The Pink

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 TSFY on iTunes

Yadda Yadda Yadda

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