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Welcome to This Song's For You

"We Bring You Music"

Update: 1/1/14 - We're on Twitter! Follow Us @ThisSongsForYou

Update: 9/22/2013 Sam Falzone Passed Away

Click For Our Sam Falzone Page RIP Sam - We Miss You!

Sam Falzone & Tom Mayers


Update: 12/06/2012

New CD Released! The long awaited CD "I Feel Surrounded" has been officially released. Besides the title track there are 10 other songs in the style you have become accoustomed to, many of them. Look below for links to the new CD.

Update: 3/17/11

My Pegulaville, a parody song hailing the Terry Pegula purchase of the Buffalo Sabres is released as a free to download and distribute mp3 and a YouTube Video. Click here to check it out!
My Pegulaville

Update: 8/28/07

Right now, we are in the middle of replacing our recording equipment, using ProTools to record our, and some of our friends' next albums. This move came about, mainly because our ADAT digital recorder and the "previously-owned" replacement ADAT machine have both let us know that they would really like to retire.

So, it's on to computer recording instead of using a digital machine that uses tape . . . and it's a LOT of "dobs and knials" along with a big learning curve for someone like me (see email address).

Thank you very much for listening, Tom Mayers (8/28/07 - 6 pm)

Update: 1/1/09

The learning curve has been completed for ProTools recording, at least to my limited current ability, and we're very proud of the way it has recorded our new baby "Share The Blame"

As of now, we are temporarily set on "Takin' In Strays" for our next album title, primarily because that's what we do here at This Song's For You. Otherwise, we wouldn't have any performers for our songs. I thought it might be interesting to see what other people suggest as an album title for our next CD currently being worked on. Based primarily on how they would describe the music that they've heard from our free samples of songs on our "No Regrets", "Four Bucket Winter", "In The Pink", and now "Share The Blame" CDs. So, if anyone has any ideas for our next CD title, especially you who have listened to more than one song, please let us know by telling us in our guest book below. Feel free to elaborate, good or bad because we want to know.

Happy New Year! Tom

* * * * * PRESS RELEASE * * * * *

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Natty Ice

Official CD Baby
Release Date:
December 27, 2014


Please Check Out the CD Baby Site and Listen to the Samples of our Newest Songs and...
Please Tell Us What You Think By Leaving Feedback on our CD Baby Page. Thanks.

This website will introduce you to several styles of Classic Rock, Pop and Blues performed by a diverse community of over 20 contributing musicians and singers from every genre of popular music. Here at the This Song's For You studio, Tom Mayers and John Swanson write and produce original music. Over the years they have compiled several outstanding songs and their first release, the "No Regrets" CD, was introduced to the world on September 13th 2004 by CD Baby. Their music has a flavor of several national artists like Michael McDonald, Joe Cocker, Billy Joel and Steely Dan.

   "This is not really a Band" says Tom, "but what we are is collection of good people who get together for the love of music and camaraderie and the results just speak for themselves..."

Here at the Studio, it is not for the egotistical, because whoever is best for the part, gets to play the part and no ones feeling should get hurt.

We've upgraded to Pro Tools over the last few years so the technology is there to make a better product.

 Mary Kunz Goldman Writes About Ice Cream & Local Music.

Click Here to Read This Story

To listen to samples of our songs and purchase CD's and digital downloads click here.

From the menu at the top of the page you can browse our entire site. We have a story to tell in words and pictures. You can see what CD's we have out there and can listen to samples of them as well. Here at This Song's For You, all of us just try to have some fun and in turn we hope you can also enjoy the results of our happiness. We have a collection of some links that will lead you into some of the finest music and other sites on the internet today. So please do enjoy your journey on our ship. The destination is endless.

Besides the "No Regrets" CD, we have a digitally remastered re-release of Sam Falzone's CD "A Family Sweet". Our new CD, "Four Bucket Winter" was released in February on CD Baby.

Get to know more about Sam Falzone.

Custom Wedding & Love Songs

For several years we have been producing custom Wedding songs. These songs become treasures of your special day - especially if they were played at your reception. We have several songs from which you can choose to have personalized or perhaps leave it generic. The choice is yours. For special anniversaries and those of you wishing to have your vows renewed, these songs are equally suited as well. All of these songs offer outstanding rhythms and vocals in several styles. Click here or on the link at the top to sample some of these great Custom Wedding Songs. .

Commercial Ad Jingles

This Song's For You can also write, narrate and perform commercial jingles. Several of our works have been played by radio stations in markets across the eastern United States. Samples are included on our "Jingles" page by clicking here or on the link at the top.

Finally, don't forget to bookmark this page. (Control-D)

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Look throughout the pages of the website for things that naturally occur at the studio.


 The Studio Cuisine

If you go home hungry, its your own damn fault!


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